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Thank you for your interest in seeking treatment at The Concord Center. Please choose the form(s) below that correspond with your interest so we can gather some information about your inquiry. All data that you enter are transmitted and stored securely in accordance with all applicable privacy laws, including HIPAA. 

Please note that we do not have any clinicians with immediate availability so you will be put onto a wait list and will be contacted by the first available clinician that has expertise in the areas in which you are seeking help. You are welcome to request to work with a specific clinician but it will likely extend your wait time. 

**Due to the current length of our waitlist, any DBT inquiries or inquiries needing appointment times after 3pm will likely not be able to be seen for at least 4-6 months**

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Select the type of services that you are seeking from the options below. Please note, that if you are interested in multiple types of services, you will need to complete each inquiry form.

Individual therapy, CBT, DBT, SPACE, parent guidance, and any other 1 on 1 services

Any of our group therapy programming.

New Patients: List
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